How is each piece made? 

Each piece is computer designed and laser printed on Birch wood, or acrylic and hand painted (depending on the design) and hand clasped with brass and gold findings. Every piece is assembled and packaged by hand.

How is the cost determined? 

The piece's intricacy and hours needed to complete a design is the variable of cost. The more cuts by the laser cutting machine and the more time it takes to assemble its findings, means the more intricate the design, therfore the more detailed designs take longer and account for more cost. 

How long should I wait for shipping?

Due to the tedious process of hand making our jewelry, please wait 2-8 weeks for shipping and processing. 

These pieces are designed, assembled, packaged, and shipped by one woman (who also answers all customer service emails), it takes time. 

My order still says Pre-shipment, does this mean it's lost?


No! It's not lost, it's just being packaged and sorted! Pre-shipment is a time period where we are preparing your order. Since every order is packaged by hand and there can sometimes be thousands of orders, it takes a while to sort through the shipping labels and order manifests in order to ship a package. You should expect your package to be in pre-shipment for about a week or two before it's scanned by the postal service of your choice. 

If I lose a piece can I get a replacement?

Replacement pieces are given for special circumstances only. Please email if you have any questions

I'm not brown, can I wear BRWNGRLZ?

Yes. BRWNGRLZ is designed for black and brown femmes first, but are inclusive to everyone else. If you buy BRWNGRLZ, you are supporting a woman of color run business. However, our mission strives to create safer spaces for femmes of color, so if you do not support the dismantling of white supremacist systems that compromise the safety and wellbeing of femmes of color, we kindly suggest you shop with another brand. 

What are findings?

Findings are the metal parts that connect the earrings together and to your ear. Our findings are carefully sourced and are primarily nickel free gold plated brass. Our earrings come in several finding options in order to accommodate as many people as possible. 

If you have pierced ears, hooks and posts would work best for you. 

If you have non pierced ears, choose the clip-on option which will also work if you have particularly sensitive piercings 

If your ears were stretched either through time or through gauging, clasps would be your best option. 

Where else can I find BRWNGRLZ? 

Follow us on instagram @BRWNGRLZ for updates on where to find us in stores, and any pop ups we do across the country!