BRWNGRLZ was created in a dorm room in 2013. Its sole mission was to create representation of women of color in the accessory world by having Black and Brown models wearing culturally inspired earrings. Ever since 2013 it has become a laser cut jewelry company that has donated thousands of dollars to organizations in the United States and Philippines for the safety and wellbeing of Black, indigenous, and marginalized communities, while sparking joy upon the people who wear our pieces. 

BRWNGRLZ is a company that understands that even if we started with the purpose of representation, that representation is merely not enough, we must now contribute to the equity of all people. We do this through our monetary contributions, our study tables program, and by using our platform to uplift grassroots organizations fighting for social change.

BRWNGRLZ challenges its wearers to act as the pieces do, unique, never blending in with the rest of the faces of the crowd, but instead, embraces their color and nonconformity. BRWNGRLZ were made for Brown and Black girls/ any POC who is womyn/feminine identified, but are not exclusively for these girls. We welcome inclusivity and want to introduce the rest of the world with the courage of being BRWNGRLZ. We encourage everyone to live as the brown girl does: to channel everything that makes you stand out and put it on with no fear. We encourage everyone to not only wear and channel this energy, but protect the bodies that carry this energy in real time. To not just benefit from culture, but fight for women of color in our world until the world is as free as the earrings make us feel.

We are grateful that this hobby from a dorm room has taken us to higher heights and this amazing community. We are committed to serving you all with quality products, service, and action. We will always protect, love, and serve BRWNGRLZ. 

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