A statement on BRWNGRLZ redirection: 

Last June BRWNGRLZ created a study table initiative meant to provide study spaces for community to learn and combat oppressive systems like colonialism, anti Blackness, and incarceration. That initiative was worked on, but ultimately did not come into full fruition. 
Due to lack of capacity, mental and physical health issues, critiques on digital exhaustion, performative activism and providing content for all of my supporters, Black and non Black, I decided to regroup my strategy on using the BRWNGRLZ platforms:
  1. BRWNGRLZ is committed to collaborating with different marginalized communities in order to spread knowledge and raise funds through our products. (International Women's Day, RISE Line, and future collaborations)
  2. BRWNGRLZ understands that social media is not the most effective space to be intentional with community work, so we continue to do research on our own, show up to community events, and provide material support outside of the screen. With understanding those limitations, BRWNGRLZ aims to use our social media platforms to spread awareness and joy by passing the mic to other creators as well. 
  3. BRWNGRLZ IS NOT an expert in matters of social activism. We intend to share our platform with people who are more knowledgeable in different aspects of community work, from self care, to direct action. 
  • Our online programs through IG Live will focus on self care and teach-ins provided by Black and Brown practitioners. 
  • We will compile a list of resource materials on this website for people to read and study on their own. Folks are free to make their own groups! 
  • We will promote community events and fundraisers through our mailing list to try to keep BRWNGRLZ supporters in the loop of how to support. If you have a community fund or event you'd like for us to blast feel free to email it to us at 
We understand that BRWNGRLZ is inherently not a radical act, but we will do our best to serve communities of color through material support and joy how we always have. 



This list is a compilation of resources that we collected over the past year. This is a list of mostly free reading materials by Black, Indigenous, and Asian American activists and organizations. None of these reading lists were compiled by BRWNGRLZ, they were all resources shared to us by other members in the community. As a company founded by a non Black person, we understand that the labor of learning and unlearning must be a responsibility we own ourselves. We simply cannot wait for someone else to teach us how to unlearn these systems of oppression, we should actively do our best to work on this every day.


This year we are only donating to smaller community funds that have a direct tie to funding the people. This year we intend to donate to the following organizations: