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This is for the women who brought me light.

In the darkest times I saw love in the women around me. In the times I felt most alone, it was women who saved me, nourished me, helped me, and honored me. The Golden Hour is for you.

For the kids

The Golden Hour was named after my students of the First Wave Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. First Wave is the first and only spoken word and urban arts scholarship program that focuses on hip-hop scholars and writers from around the world. These kids have helped me create, pushed me to become a better educator, and have given me so much light during this time. Love y'all <3


Tayler Pineda

Tayler Pineda J is a digital illustrator for London England. She is a biracial Pinay who uses her illustrations as a means of soul searching; delving into alternative femininity, mental health, and exploring parts of the culture that she was never taught at home.

You can follow her work on instagram @bytppj

From the creator

Hand made. Pinay made.

All BRWNGRLZ products are made and packaged by hand. They are lasercut in house and are assembled by my hands and the hands of my family.

Thank you for supporting a small business <3