Named after Palestinian Poet Suheir Hammad, these hoop earrings feature olive branches to signify the land and roots of Palestine, and proceeds from this piece in particular will go directly to Middle East Children's Alliance, an organization that donates direct aid and relief supplies to Gaza as well as a program that re-plants olive trees with Palestinian farmers. For more information and resources on how you can help Palestinian causes, you can check out our resource page! 

Product Stats: 

  • This product is made of laser etched transparent green edge acrylic and comes in 3 styles: Posts for pierced ears, Clip ons for non pierced ears, and Clasps for stretched ears.
  • Hoop is 3.5 inches in diameter and are light weight 
  • ALL PRODUCTS ARE HAND MADE AND TAKE TIME. This product is set as a pre-order and all pre-orders before the first week of December 2023 are set to ship on the week of 12/11/23 to make it in time for the holiday rush.  
  • All orders placed after 12/11/23 will be shipped after Christmas!

Photo by Fern_Doe on IG 
Co-designed with Tayler Pineda @Bytppj 

*This product may have sharp or pointed edges, may cause discomfort so please be careful when wearing them!*