BRWNGRLZ was made for those with too much melanin for magazines, too much "sass" to be "normal," and too many tongues to be understood. It is a manifestation of all of the things that make BRWNGRLZ live: Spirit, Rebellion, Wind, and Sun. Channeling the things that make us strong, these accessories nod to the fact that BRWNGRLZ will never blend in with the rest of the faces of the crowd, but instead, will reclaim their nonconformity rebelling against assimilation. BRWNGRLZ were made for brown girls/ any POC who is womyn/femme identified, but are not exclusively for brown girls. We are gladly inclusive and want to introduce the rest of the world with the courage of being BRWNGRLZ. We encourage everyone to live as the brown girl does, to channel everything that makes you stand out and put it on with no fear. 

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We will be taking a break after December 18! We will be back February 2020!