Olive Morris

Olive Elaine Morris was a Jamaican-born British-based community leader and activist in the feminist, Black nationalist, and squatters' rights campaigns of the 1970s.
Olive Morris was born in Jamaica in 1953 and moved to London with her family when she was nine.
When she was just 16, she became involved in an incident in which police tried to arrest a diplomat from Nigeria, who had parked his Mercedes on Atlantic Road in Brixton to buy some records.
Historian Angelina Osborne from the Fawcett Society, a charity that campaigns for gender equality and women's rights, said: "Police officers, thinking the diplomat had stolen the car began to, according to witnesses, arrest him and beat him.
"Olive came forward and physically tried to stop the police from attacking the diplomat, causing the police to turn on her, arrest her and assault her, kicking her in the chest.
"This young girl, barely 5ft 2in, took on racist police officers, without thinking about her own safety, because she couldn't stand by and allow the injustice of an African man being arrested for driving a nice car.
"This was one early incident of Olive's commitment to challenging oppression."
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