Grace Lee Boggs

Grace Lee Boggs was an Asian American intersectional feminist born in Rhode Island to Chinese immigrant parents and resided in Detriot, where she spent much of her life working as an activist. Boggs’s identity as a first-generation Asian American woman made her uniquely aware of the different yet connected struggles her community faced. Her early exposure to class inequalities inspired her fight for workers’ rights, specifically in relation to capitalism and racism. Her legacy as a community organizer is still apparent in various labor efforts today.
Boggs is perhaps best known for centering the pitfalls of capitalism in her work (through her books like Living for Change and The Next American Revolution), and often citing capitalism in her studies as the center of where exploitation begins. Boggs also frequently examined the role of Asian Americans in society, and wrote about how to work alongside unions and the Black Power movement to fight for the civil liberties of women and people of color.
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