Ruby Ibarra is an emcee that still believes in truth, and how these small truths lead to larger moments of feeling seen, heard, and felt. Her music breaks barriers of gender, race, and language. Her lyrics remind every brown girl that they are not alone, and remind every Filipino that they are resilient and worthy. Her album Circa 91 has received numerous rave reviews and continues to be a pillar in our self actualization as Pinays. Her amazing single, “Us” is an anthem for all Filipinas and will remain a timeless reminder that nothing can stop a Pinay.

We honor Ruby with this piece in Ruby Red, and honor her with this entire collection inspired by her powerful lyrics.

Product info: Lasercut transparent red acrylic hoop with the words “Island Women Rise” engraved on them. All findings are gold plated brass and nickel free. Each piece comes in hooks for pierced ears, clasps for pierced/stretched ears, and clip ons for non pierced/sensitive ears.