Dawn is the first sign of light in the sky, it is daybreak, it is a reminder that the darkness never lasts forever. This is what our Sun reminds us of, a light encompassing all of us. In the Filipinx American community, that Sun is manifested by women like Dawn Mabalon.

Manang Dawn was a historian, an educator, a role model, and remains one of the most generous pillars in the Filipinx American community. She has worked inside and outside of academia and has brought recognition to the communities she grew up in, particularly in Stockton. We dedicate this piece to Manang Dawn and her eternal light.

Product info: Lasercut transparent yellow acrylic in the shape of the Philippine sun, with the words “Island Women Rise” engraved on them. All findings are gold plated brass and nickel free. Each piece comes in hooks for pierced ears, clasps for pierced/stretched ears, and clip ons for non pierced/sensitive ears.