Bai Bibyaon Ligkayan Bigkay is the definition of Island Womxn Rise. The only woman Chieftain of the Manobo tribe, she unapologetically advocates for her tribe and ancestral lands. Not intimidated by Military forces, government regimes, or violence, she looks the oppressors in the face and gives them the most unadulterated truth. We honor her with this piece because that is the transparency we aim to attain in order to change the tides of systemic violence. We honor her with this piece because we know the truth will always remain the clearest sign of freedom.

We thank Bai Bibyaon Ligkayan Bigkay and the women of Sabokahan by donating funds towards their work. As privileged Filipino Americans we understand that we will never fully comprehend what our indigenous peoples are going through, but by any means will use our privilege to help dismantle the very systems that oppress them.

Product info: Lasercut transparent acrylic hoop with the words “Island Women Rise” engraved on them. All findings are gold plated brass and nickel free. Each piece comes in hooks for pierced ears, clasps for pierced/stretched ears, and clip ons for non pierced/sensitive ears.